Experience the fresh air and expanse of greenery as you enter the main gates at Harley Estate, and drive up to see the estate grounds, with the office, bungalow, coffee lab, pulping unit and a view of the region. Stretch away your stiffness from the journey and get ready for an adventurous jeep ride through the estate to get to your rooms. All the homes being nestled deep in the woods, gives you the perfect opportunity to unwind and relax.


Golden Wood now offers 3 different types of homes for your stay; each with a different feel and experience from the other, with an idea of presenting you with various types of life on the estate. We serve authentic Malnad food, and BBQ in the evenings if you so wish.


The homes at Golden Wood, Harley Estate are spread across a couple of kilometers. All our rooms have a large double bed and can house a spare bed.




Mocking a new - age planter's home, Whispering Trees is a modern house with all modern facilities. The hall with glass walls and the dining and sit out on the terrace gives a great view of the area and is also the perfect place for bird watching. Themed around birding, this house has 3 rooms with a large porch, terrace and a central courtyard. It houses the main kitchen and has multiple dining / lounging areas.





The Brick Cottage is one of the most romantic options available at Golden Wood. Its rustic style, highlights refreshing simplicity with natural beauty. The cottage has a sense of connection to the past that’s hard to resist. It feels honest and unstudied and evokes a simpler time.


It is placed next to Whispering Trees and has a large room with a verandah running along the front. It sports a huge shower area which is skylit and has a tree growing through it. It has bare brick walls to give you a rustic, cozy feel.



Approached by the breathtaking view of the estate valleys and hills, The Hilltop Courtyard, has a panaromic view of the green and the skies. With two rooms, wonderful views and woodlands, and surrounded by a large garden, The Hilltop Courtyard is an oasis of peace and tranquility.


This 100+ year old earth house is a true experience of the old life on the estate. The Farmer's Home offers a warm, cozy stay, surrounded by paddy fields and a stream. With two rooms, it offers an old world charm of red oxide, fire-wood heated water in copper handes, and a sky-lit attic.




Camp amidst nature in all its glory, with stars twinkling over you and the soothing sound of flowing water to calm you. Watch the fireflies light up the dark nights and let the chirping of birds wake you up to a beautiful morning.

COMING SOON: A British Bungalow.






Pricing is all inclusive of meals and use of any facilities on the property, excluding taxes. This includes everything at the property : all the meals, unlimited tea/coffee/non-packaged juices and snacks whenever your tummy grumbles, walks and treks around the property, bonfire, use of the library etc.


Check-in / check-out is at 11am. Feel free to stay with us longer – we might ask for the room in case there’s a guest coming in after you the same day.


Kids up to 6 years of age are our guests at no charge. Pets are welcome (for a small charge), provided they stay off the linen / furniture, and you can ensure their safety and that of other guests around.


We offer long stay discounts and special pricing for multi-week stays. Do write in for more.


(Pricing not valid from December 21st - January 2nd)

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