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“To walk in nature is to witness a thousand miracles.” - Marie Davis

A stay at Golden Wood is not just a stay at a holiday home. Here, we offer something for everyone, whether you are someone who wants to relax with a cuppa or someone who thrives on being adventurous. So come on, you xenophile, you adventurer, you nature lover, you bibliophile – we dare you!


Experience miles of jeep tracks across multiple hills, a couple of rivers that run along and through it with a few waterfalls, world-class and award-winning coffee from Harley Estate, hiking trails across the Sakleshpur Railway Line, bicycle trails, a coffee lab for the coffee enthusiast and more.


While these may help you chill for hours, we can even tailor-make for riverside picnics, birding and outside drives as well. If this doesn’t float your boat, go and explore the Manjarabad Fort that’s worth a visit at a small distance away or travel to one of the holiest Jain temples and witness the world famous colossus at Shravanabelagola. Or you could just lay by a bonfire and watch the fireflies around you and marvel at nature.

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Day Tours

Day excursions to experience the estate and coffees


Working with bliss from Golden Wood

Speciality Coffee Trail

Experience the entirety of the bean to cup magic

Wedding Destination

An exotic location for a forest destination wedding

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