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“I see my path. But I don't know where it leads. Not knowing where I am going is what inspires me to travel it.”  - Rosalia De Castro



Harley Estate is an 800 acre coffee estate with multiple hills, miles of jeep tracks, a couple of rivers that run along and through it, and a few waterfalls. The coffee is also top notch – Harley Estate coffees have been globally awarded for being some of the best, consecutively for the last two decades.

The estate and the surrounding areas are great to explore on foot and is wonderful for walks, hikes and even day long treks. There’s a park with a surprise on the top of a hill within the estate. We keep a few cycles – riding around is both challenging and fun. Of course, the stream and waterfall will keep you engrossed for hours. If you’d like, we’ll make arrangements for a riverside picnic as well. It is also a perfect area for birding and has been a favourite haunt of birders from Bangalore in the past.

Harley Estate is home to Asia's first coffee processing research institute, Harley Plantation Research Institute. You can ask the staff to take you on a coffee tour and learn how coffee is grown, its various avatars and end products – there’s even a lab on the estate for a cupping session!


Outside, there’s the Manjarabad Fort that’s worth a visit on the way in / out, and you can always take a detour to stop at Shravanabelagola. But most of all, sit back and relax over board games, coffee, and the bonfire. It’s a wonderful place for doing nothing. For those of you who do want to explore, here's a bunch of things to do in and around the area.


  • Safaris at the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Railroad treks

  • Mountain treks

  • Jog Falls

  • Bisle Forest

  • Murkan Gudda

  • Off-road drives


  • Belur & Halebeed Temples

  • Devarunda Temple, the oldest Shiva temple in Karnataka

  • Manjarabad Fort

  • Shravanabelagola

  • Mullayyanagiri, the tallest peak in Karnataka

  • Dharmasthala & Kukke Subramanya



  • Walking tours of the estate

  • Biking trails

  • Coffee tours with cupping sessions

  • Romantic meals under the stars

  • River or lakeside picnic

  • All adventure and cultural activities mentioned will not be arranged by Golden Wood. However, we would be happy to help you get the required information.

  • If you wish to do any drives in the area, we recommend that you arrange your own vehicle as Golden Wood will not be able to facilitate the same.

  • Please do not try to enter or swim in the lakes. They are quite deep and may have reptiles and other wild animals in them, as they are open and amidst the plantation.

  • The falls are quite harsh during monsoon seasons and the rocks are always slippery. Please be careful if you do wish to play in the water here.

  • We recommend wearing the right footwear while trekking or walking.

  • We will accompany you and guide you through all areas of the estate, but Golden Wood will not be responsible for your safety or misadventures.

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