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Our Story

“Live the story you want to tell.” 

Golden Wood, is part of one of India’s best coffee plantations, the famous 800 acre Harley Estate. Built as a nod to the ecology and diversity that comes with the Male-Nadu region (land of rain and hills) or Malnad that rests in the majestic Western Ghats of Karnataka, India - a land of glorious heritage, exquisite culture, and great hospitality.


Situated in Sakleshpur in the historic Manjarabad region, Harley Estate dates back to the early 1860’s and it is within one of the world's most eco-sensitive hotspots. At an altitude of 3,400 feet above sea level and with a salubrious temperature between 10 to 30 degrees celsius, Golden Wood takes advantage of the beautiful flora and fauna of the estate and gives you an opportunity to be part of a magical setting. The estate receives an annual rainfall of 125 inches, making it ideal for crops such as coffee, cocoa, banana, areca, coconut, cardamom and pepper. Carefully planted between native and jungle shade trees, this natural spread not only provides an ecological and sustainable growth to crops but also helps in preserving both the environment and wildlife, including endemic species. This landscape is home to over 250 types of resident birds (identified in the region so far), and various other wild life including Elephants! 


At Golden Wood, we recognize and respect this diversity and take pride in being sustainable and ecologically friendly as well. Our power is generated hydraulically at one of the gushing waterfalls on the estate, or by solar energy. We take it a notch higher by ensuring that the delicious meals you are served are made from produce grown organically on the plantation.

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