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Reaching Us



From Bangalore, you take the Tumkur Road – and turn towards Mangalore (NH 48) just after Nelamangala (there’s a sign for the exit left for Mangalore after the one for Nelamangala) - at Hassan, continue towards Sakleshpur, and continue on the highway past town. A couple of kms from Sakleshpur is Aneymahal – an intersection with a bus stop, and a road going up a slope on your right towards Hanbal. You need to take this road. After about 5 kms you’ll get to an intersection with a clutter of signposts, and a black stone marking for “Harley Estate” – take this left and proceed for about 4 kms. You’ll start seeing the estate signs and various gates – but eventually come to the main entrance with signage for the Manager’s Bungalow, Pulper Room, etc. A couple of buildings right near the entrance on your right. Take this right turn into the estate, park and we’ll drive you in the estate jeep to the accommodations deeper in the estate.




There are numerous Volvos and other buses to Sakleshpur (and once the Shiradi ghat is repaired, all the Mangalore buses pass through there as well). We’ll help with cab / jeep arrangements from there to the estate 12 kms away.





Multiple trains get you from Bangalore to Sakleshpur. We’ll help with cab / jeep arrangements from there to the estate.

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